Halogen Lamp Types


Normally available in 12 V, with many also in 6 V and/or 24 V versions.

  • Single filament, in 55 W and 100 W versions:
    • H1 axial filament, older style base
    • H2 axial filament
    • H3 transverse filament, heat-resistant cable for “hot” lead
  • H4 dual-filament headlamp, 55 W to 100 W low beam, high beam varies from 60 W to 130 W
  • H5 (similar to H4 but it have larger connector)
  • H7


  • Linear in various sizes and power
    • R7S: linear halogen lamp measuring 118mm. Also known as a double ended halogen lamp.
  • Dichroic reflector spots

Home use

With the help of some companies such as Philips and Sylvania, halogen bulbs have been fitted for use with standardized household fittings, and can be another choice as a replacement for incandescent light bulbs.

Stage lighting

  • PAR light

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  1. I am looking for a halogen bulb for a reading/decorative lamp bought in San Fransico about 1992/92. The glasspart o the bulb iis about 35 mm fixed into a metal bayonet socket about 12mm dia. The lamp can be adjusted to two light streght. I suppose that the voltage is 120,I have used the lamp for several years in norway where the voltage is 220. I have used an archer appliance to reduce the voltage from 220 to 120. I have looke for a simila bulb her but have not foun any, can anyone help me with a type name? with a name it should be easy to order on internet i suppose, thank you Anders

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