Producers of plasma lamp

Companies producing or developing plasma lamps include Ceravision, Luxim and Topanga Technologies.

Luxim’s LIFI, or light fidelity lamp, claims 120 lumens per RF watt (ie before taking into account electrical losses). The lamp has been used in Robe lighting’s ROBIN 300 Plasma Spot moving headlight. It was also used in a line of, now discontinued, Panasonic rear projection TV. Continue reading “Producers of plasma lamp”

High-efficiency plasma (HEP)

High-efficiency plasma lighting is the class of plasma lamps that have system efficiencies of 90 lumens per watt or more. Lamps in this class are potentially the most energy efficient light source for outdoor, commercial and industrial lighting. This is due not only to their high system efficiency but also to the small light source they present enabling very high luminaire efficiency. Continue reading “High-efficiency plasma (HEP)”